How to Run JavaScript in the Jupyter Notebook

One can run JavaScript and other programming languages in the Jupyter notebook

In the previous articles, I have introduced how to run Python, R, and HTML in the Jupyter notebook. You can read these articles if you are interested in them.

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The Jupyter system supports over 100 programming languages (called “kernels” in the Jupyter ecosystem). Besides Python, R, it also includes Java, Julia, Matlab, Scala, and many more (

In addition, we can run JavaScript directly in the Jupyter notebook without installing “kernels”. In this post, I will introduce two convenient methods to run JavaScript in the Jupyter notebook.

1. Use Magic Command

The first handy method is to use magic command %%js, or %%javascript to run JavaScript in the Jupyter notebook. For example, let’s run a simple "hello, world!" by typing the following code.

alert("hello, world!");

The outcome looks as:

Let’s see another simply addition example. Type the following code snippet and then click run.

var x = 5;
var y = 6;
var z = x + y;

The running process and result looks as follows:

2. Use IPython JavaScript Module

We can also use IPython JavaScript Module to run JavaScript in the Jupyter notebook. First, we have to import the module by the following code:

from IPython.display import Javascript

Let’s still use the above two examples.

(1) One-line example

simpjs = Javascript('alert("hello, world!")')

We will get the same result as the one using the magic command.

(2) Multi-line example

var x = 5;
var y = 6;
var z = x + y;



Or we can use the following method.

var x = 5;
var y = 6;
var z = x + y;

The outcome is the same as the one that we use the magic command.

3. Video Version

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4. Course

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