HTML Essentials of Formatting Text in Jupyter Notebook

HTML has advanced methods to formatting text in Jupyter notebook, such as set fonts, font sizes, colors, text alignment, and more

In the previous post, we have discussed how to format text with Markdown Syntax in Jupyter notebook. We can see that markdown can quickly format documents and articles in Jupyter notebook. However, native Markdown syntax has shortcomings, for example, it doesn’t support content alignment and cannot change the font types, size as well as colors of the content.

This article aims at displaying how to format text with HTML in Jupyter notebook. It includes two parts: basic text formation and advanced Text Formation. In the first part, we will see how to use HTML syntax to do the same things as Markdown. In the second part, we will discuss how to use HTML to do something that Markdown cannot do, such as set font type, font size, font Color, align text, and whatever. For HTML in Jupyter notebook, there is also previous posts on different methods to run HTML in Jupyter notebook, alignment of tables, math equations, images, and video and audios.

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