How to Embed an Image, Size and Align it in the Jupyter Notebook

To illustrate how to easily adjust the size of an embedded image and align it left, center and right

It is very easy to insert an image in a Markdown cell using Markdown syntax. For example, let’s embed a Python logo into a markdown cell, and the python-logo image is in the images folder in my working directory. We can use the following Markdown syntax.


If your image is in a different path, and you just change the path ./images/python-logo.pngwith your image path.

Whereas, it does not work to adjust the size of the embedded image and align it in the markdown cell using the normal Markdown syntax in a Jupyter notebook.

Instead, we can easily use HTML syntax to embed an image, adjust it size and align it in a markdown cell in the Jupyter notebook. I will illustrate them using some concrete examples in the following sections.

Embed an image

For example, only one image is embedded into a Jupyter notebook. I still use the Python logo, and you can use your own image. In this example, suppose we align the image left and adjust its width size to 500.

<img src="./images/python-logo.png" 
width="500" />

The result looks as follows:

Embed two or more images vertically

It is easy and direct to insert two or more images vertically and align them. Let’s embed Python logo and Jupyter logo into a cell , adjust their sizes to width 450, and align them to the center of the cell.

<img src="./images/python-logo.png" 
width="450" />
<img src="./images/jupyter_logo.png"
width="450" />

The outcome looks as follows:

Embed two or more images on the same row

However, we cannot embed two or more images on the same row using only the <img> tags. Instead, we can use HTML <table> or <div>. Here, let’s see an example using an HTML table, where we just put three <img> tags into the three cells of an HTML table.

<img src='./images/python-logo.png'width=300>
<img src='./images/jupyter_logo.png'width=300>
<img src='./images/html-logo.png'width=200>

The result looks as follows:

The HTML looks larger than the other two, so we can adjust it to an even smaller size.

Video Tutorial

If you want to see a video version, you are welcome to watch a video tutorial with different images on my YouTube channel. If this video is helpful, please subscribe to my channel to support me.

A Course

If you are interested in learning Jupyter notebook in details, you are welcome to enroll one of my course  Practical Jupyter Notebook from Beginner to Expert.

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