How to Increase Volume of a Video or Audio with Very Low Voice

It need not record it again if you have a video with very low volume

You probably had a video with a low voice on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and you might record it once you met this problem before. I met this issue many times, and I used to record it. But once I recorded a video lecture with over 40 minute for a group of students the next day. For me, it is not so easy to create a video at home because two kids are usually around. In the following, I show you how to increase the low-voice video using an open source tools.

1. Download the free software

You can go to web and search “OpenShot Video Editor” or just go to its web by click “OpenShot Video Editor” (or OpenShot Video Editor is very useful and powerful tool but totally free, which I typically use for video edit and adding a music background in my video.

Then click the Download v.x.x.x (its version, I mean) to go to its download page. You can choose the installer for your system, and then download it into your computer.

Fig. 1. Screenshot of the web of OpenShot Video Editor

I use Windows system, so I show you how to install it on Windows. If you are users of Linux or MacOx, I think you are the experts who know well how to install it, and it may be also in your system store. In this case, you can directly install it from your system store.

2. Install the software

It is very easy to install it on Windows by just double-clicking the installer, and then click “Run’. I just put a couple of screenshots to show you the installation process as follows.


Fig. 2. Click “Run” to start the installation process

Next, you choose your language followed by accepting the agreement, and then click “Next” to continue the installation process. There is another Next to click.


Fig. 3. Choose to accept the agreement and click next to continue

When you see the following the screenshot, just click “Install” to start the installation.


Fig. 4. Click the “Install” to formally start the installation

Just wait untill you see the following screen, which means you have finished the installation.


Fig. 5. Click “Finish” to launch Openshot Video Editor

You can click “Finish’ to start it or just close it, then start it from your shortcut icon from your desktop later.

3. Open the low-voice video

The easier way to open your low-voice video by just click-hold-drag the video to windows of Openshot Video Editor


Fig. 6. Hold-drag the video to the Windows

4. Hold and drag the video to track 1

We click the video, and then hold it and drag it to Track 1 (or any other track).


Fig.7. Click the video and hold-drag it to Track 1

5. Go to side menu and set volume to a higher value

There will come a side menu, and then go to the “volume” property, and set it value from 1 to a higher one, say “20” or “30”. The higher the value is, the louder the video will be. You can try to set the value to one that you like.


Fig. 8. Set the volume to a bigger one

6. Save the Video

Then let’s click the round red button on top tool menu to export, i.e. save the video.


Fig. 9. Export the video to PC

Next, set the path to save the video, the video format (MP4, AVI, etc.), the video profile and the quality. Lastly, click “Export Video” to save the video to the path where you just set.

7. A video tutorial

If you like to watch a video tutorial, you can watch the video version in my YouTube channel. Please remember to subscribe to my channel to support me. I appreciate your support.

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