This practical online course will provide you almost all you need to use Jupyter notebook

This course consists of 7 sections, including 31 lectures, which cover the core of the Jupyter Notebook from the basic concepts, operations to detailed applications. It includes:

(1) install Python, setup windows new terminal, install  Jupyter notebook and create Jupyter notebook, create working directory and access it from Windows terminal;

(2) create, display and run .py file, run external IPython files,  formating text with Markdown and HTML in Jupyter notebook;

(3) create tables, insert equations, embed images, audios and videos into Jupyter notebook and align them using Markdown, HTML, Magics, IPython functions, etc.

(4)  change themes, use widely used shortcuts, smart code completion plugin, multi-line cursors, popular magic commands , install packages directly in Jupyter notebook, as well as use the built-in terminal;

(5) create basic plotting, interactive plotting and Interactive plot widget in Jupyter notebook;

(6) make a content table for an inside Jupyter notebook and for multiple notebooks ,  convert notebook to a presentation slideshow,  and transfer a notebook to a web application.

This course uses practical examples to help you understand and grasp the Jupyter Notebook from a beginner to an expert in an easy and quick way. This one course is enough for you to grasp almost all aspect of the Jupyter notebook.

Want to know more? Just to visit the course page.

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