Deepsim Academy is a new but awesome e-learning platform, which provides future needs and cutting edge skills on Python Programming, Jupyter notebook, Data Analysis, Wavelet Transforms, etc. So far, the published courses include:

  1. Master Python Programming Essentials
  2. Practical Jupyter Notebook from Beginner to Expert
  3. Master Python Data Analysis and Modelling Essentials
  4. Practical Python Wavelet Transforms (I): Fundamentals
  5. Practical Python Wavelet Transforms (II): 1D DWT

More Python topics will be published in the near future, such as Computer vision, Machine learning, Signal processing, and much more.

Why you learn skills on Deepsim Academy

(1) There are 2–3 sale promotions each month, and big sale promotion on some big holiday. During these promotions period, the courses will be very cheap, which are much cheaper than the similar courses and the same courses of mine published on other platforms.

(2) If you are a student, you can send me a message through the platform contact form or email, I will send you an even cheaper coupon, which I named “a-cup-coffee coupon.”

(3) More flexible prices. If you have more people to buy a course or different courses together, more discount you guys will obtain.

(4) All the course are full lifetime access.

(5) You can also get a completion certificate when you finish the course.

(6) There are very detailed courses note files with codes can be downloaded for personal use.

(7) You can order your required courses, and we even provide you a personal tutoring.

(8) Last but most importantly, all courses use easy understanding real-world examples, which really provide you the skills to solve real-world problem rather than teaching the abstract theories.

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